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Bad Definition of Bad by Merriam-Webster.
9: serious sense 2, severe a bad cold in bad trouble. 10: not correct bad spelling bad manners. 11: not cheerful or calm a bad mood. 12: not healthy bad teeth He felt bad from a cold. 13: sorry sense 1 I felt bad about my mistake.
BAD meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Our holiday was spoiled by bad weather. We've' just had some very bad news. Watch out he's' in a bad mood. The company has been getting a lot of bad publicity negative things have been written or said about it recently.
bad Wiktionary.
1965, Teddy Randazzo, Bobby Weinstein, Bobby Hart lyrics and music, Hurt So Bad, in Hurt So Bad, performed by The Lettermen.: Oh let me tell you that it / Hurts so bad / It makes me feel so sad / You make it hurt so bad / To see you again.
bad Origin and meaning of bad by Online Etymology Dictionary.
the news was very bad. it was a bad light for reading. the movie was a bad choice. his sloppy appearance made a bad impression. the reviews were bad. a bad little boy. clothes in bad shape. a bad cut.
Bad album Wikipedia.
103 Writing for Albumism, Chris Lacy considered Bad possibly being superior to Off the Wall and Thriller: Comparisons" with Off the Wall and Thriller are unimportant, except for this one: Bad is a pure pop masterpiece that stands parallel withand, at times, eclipsesits classic predecessors" Lacy also stated that Bad set a new" gold standard for pop music and entertainment.
Bad Synonyms, Bad Antonyms Merriam-Webster Thesaurus.
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